Sunday, March 29, 2015

Still Kicking, So Much New Wonderfulness, and Fairs Will Be Happening This Season!

Where have I been?..... Well. we are a very large, very close family. This has been a trying year for us to say the least, and that is where my focus has been. We are not through the woods as of yet, but we are making progress enough to see little rays of light shinning through. That's good enough for me <3 In other words...I'm still kicking :D

Oh, but since designing keeps me sane, I have added some new wonderfulness:D
Here are some lovely new collars.
Sparkling Pink Petite Alouette Pet Collar

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Pretty As A Peacock Sequin Collar
                         Juey Antoinette Pet Collar of Undeniable Opulence

I've also expanded our sports themed pet bed line with this gorgeous baseball mitt tribute bed.

This bed was created for an adorable little Yankees Fan named Jeter. I'm incredibly thankful to have such wonderful clients.

Seriously.....How cute is he!?!

On a final note....Fairs will definitely be happening this year! 

As of yet, the first we'll be attending is The Rutgers Renaissance Fair on April 18th 2015. It's From 10am to 4pm at Skelly Field on the Douglass Campus in New Brunswick, NJ. 

Come on out and see us if your feeling Renaissancey. It should be a wonderful time for family fun.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Minnie Pet Beds, Serious Finds, What's Ahead, and SPRING!!!!!

It has been so very busy here at Fastiges' Made With Love, but I was able to complete the new Minnie Mouse themed beds, and they are just adorable!!!


Next, on to some serious finds and I mean serious!!! 
One of my local fabric stores was going out of business. It was my favorite, so I was a bit melancholy, but Oh the sales!  And so what did I do? #sofabricobsessed #ocdfabricqueen #imayhaveaproblem 

This....I did this...

 I had to buy them by the bolt...but the deals!!! The vertical one on the left there is an obscene amount faux pink leather and I was Not leaving without it!

Whats Ahead
As you'd expect, lots of work with these new and wonderful finds :D Super cute and tough toys are also on the horizon, and....belly bands. For our little boy companions that may have the occasional accident...It happens, we need to face it, so why not make it fashionable ;)

And Finally

Shout Out!!!!
We donated one of our Bee mine collars to the Thorn Middle School Gift Auction
Best of luck! Raise loads of money for those much needed school programs :D

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Pic's, What Am I Working On And........Disney!!!

First lets start with a new photo of the lovely Miss Harley. She was little baby Harley in my last post...but not anymore!!

Squeeeee! I can't believe how much she's grown......not to mention how Gorgeous she is! 

Working on lots of new designs. One of them in particular has me sooooo excited because it exemplifies one of my favorite things......or should I say, my favorite characters ;) 
The fabulous Mrs M.....Mouse that is ;) The cutest Minnie pet bed Ever! 

And who could forget the big man himself.
That's right, Mic........See you real soon......key....Why? Because we like you.....M..O..U..S.......Eeeeeeeee!
I know you're singing it in your head (Ear worm of the day) You're
If it makes you feel any better so was I ;)

And while I'm on the subject, we've planned our family vacation for this year. It's been almost four years since we've had one and we are all Super excited!! 
And where are we going? 
The happiest place on earth...Disney World!!!
I can't wait to walk down Main Street USA!

My favorite Disney experiences...
Lobster bisque at The Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot. My husband add an extra shot of Sherry It's more like a drink than soup and it's just spectacular :D

The Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. in Tomorrowland.....Because we as a family are serious competitors. #needtobeaspacerangersooobad 

Voyage Of The Little Mermaid in Disney's Hollywood Studios...It's a great place to cool off and such a wonderful show.

Also in Disney's Hollywood Studios, The Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant...they have the most amazing tropical drinks with a multicolored light up cube in them.....Hmmmm, I'm sensing a theme here ;) 

Ellens Energy Adventure in Epcot...Ellen DeGeneres...Bill Nye...Jeopardy....Who could ask for more :D

Last, but certainly not least IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth at Epcot...This is a major family tradition. We stake out  relentlessly hunt for  our spot on the bridge between France and The UK. We leave a few of our children there to save the seats they have been trained since birth. Then the rest of us go pick up the best coffee and pastries France has to offer. As we watch the beautiful and emotionally touching light show, we enjoy our French bounty. It's truly magical <3

As a side note: I thought we alone enjoyed the bridge in Epcot until a friend posted a link to The Disney Food Blog on her blog.  Her name is Sherrie Browning Erwin. She's an amazing author and has a new book called Thornbrook Park releasing in June. Check it out ;)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Past, Present and Future

The Past :D
What an incredible holiday season!  I'm so thankful to have such fabulously loyal clients <3 It was a time of custom orders this year..... and I loved it! This is Akbar in her custom pink gingham bed. She has a little difficulty climbing into higher beds and required a low rise entrance. I was oh so happy to accommodate :D

Her family also purchased a custom pink mink pet bed for a Yorkie friend named Jane :D

I'm not gonna lie. I may have become a bit obsessed with this faux pink mink. But seriously, It's sooooo soft. How could I not ;)  More to come on this later in the post :D

Holy Raised Feeder Batman!

This Girly Batman inspired feeder was designed for Harley. Her Mommy says she's a Samoyed diva, but right now, she's a baby Samoyed diva!!! 

How cute is she!!!
And here's the best part for all of us Batman fans. Harley will be getting a brother. His name? 
Wait for it.....Wait for it....Quinn ;) 
Here is her two legged brother Matthew's first impression.

Also...How cute is he!!! Seriously....cuteness overload :D

The Present :D
Having a great time working on my spring and summer lines. Catching up on everything I wasn't able to do during the holiday rush, and scheduling this year's Fairs :D (Love me some fairs ;) I'll post them in advance so that you have time to add them to your schedule....wink wink ;)

The Future :D

Well I know for sure I'll be designing more beds and pet accessories with the pink mink as I Have a serious problem just can't keep myself away from it ;)  Something without the canopy to make it a bit more accessibly priced to all. Of course I'll still have to add lots of embellishments. It is all about the details. The extra little touches are what make things special. Every four legged family member deserves that <3 

What else, oh yes, I will be much more organized this year. Really! I've already begun the process. I've created a shared calendar for all of my family and business appointments.....and i'm actually using it! 

Contests....There will be contests!!! Four this year to be exact.... One for each season ;)  Although you wouldn't know it right now in New Jersey, Spring is coming soon.....Truly :D

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentines day

#tooobsessedwithpinkmink #pinkminkaddiction #pinkminkisthenewblack

Friday, December 6, 2013

Customization, The Holiday Rush and What Exactly Have You Been Up To Lately?

Lots of custom creations going on at Fastiges' Made With Love this year, and I am sooooo enjoying it!
 I'll give you a of them involves faux pink mink....and an abundance of cuteness ;) 

And while we're on the subject of pink. I just sent off this lovely little set to a baby Maltese in Cali.

Super cute right!

The holiday rush is definitely here! Everyone is trying to get their orders in before the Christmas Eve shipping cut off...including me! I don't have nearly enough of my shopping done and, well lets face it...times a tickin! 

This year we've donated several items to charity organizations for raffles and gift baskets. One of which is DFW Pug Rescue in Texas. I just wanted to give them a Shout Out! They do wonderful work and should be commended :D
Yes, I'm dating myself by still using the term "Shout Out". 
This will undoubtedly bring my children hours, if not days of joy ;)

On a final note...what have we been up to???...
Well, we went and cut our Christmas tree, and apparently we're up to about eleven and a half feet. 
I know what your thinking..... you're thinking I must have vaulted no...I do not. I do have one room in my house that has a ten foot ceiling, which is also my work area.

 Ok, I know I shouldn't have done it, but this is what it looked like!

Isn't that the Griswold Christmas tree?....well maybe.....but to me, that is exactly what I saw....Insert angels singing here...

The adventure will be fitting it in the damn house putting it up...and also, trying to work around it...I'll keep you posted :D

Wishing you and yours much health and happiness :D

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Winner Shall Be Chosen This Day!!!

First and foremost, I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who entered. You've helped to spread the word about our lovely shop, and it is truly appreciated <3 ((Hugs))
Before we announce the winner I thought you'd like to get a gimps of the super exciting process of picking the chosen one...... champion...... conqueror.......number get the point :D

I carefully typed...(In a seriously cute font if I do say so myself ;)...printed, cut, and folded almost a hundred entry strips (For lack of better word. If anyone actually knows the correct name for them, I would greatly appreciate that information). 

Then, I placed them in this ever so festive bag, and took photos with 
an adorable little snowman...............cause he's........well........adorable.

After that came the mixing. My daughter worked her hand to the bone with all the mixing (Yes I went there ;) ......such an over achiever ;)
And finally....we reveal.....The winner!!!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wintry Blue, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and It's Almost Time!!

Busy, busy, busy...just the way I like it!

Here's the newest addition to our holiday line-up.

This blue snowflake collar is oh so sparkly ;) There is silvery glitter throughout the material...I just fell in love with it! It's accented with a  coordinating sheer blue bow with lovely satin edging. And of course I had to add a silver bell...It is the holiday season after all ;)

This would be a perfect Hanukkah gift for your four legged family member, or a wintry present just for fun :D

 On the home front...
It's almost Thanksgiving!...or in my house...Pre-Christmas...don't judge ;)

It's tradition in my family to have our Christmas decorations up by a week before Thanksgiving....yes...we are hard core ;) After cooking for days, and eating all of our Thanksgiving wonderfulness, (Oh, and wonderfulness it is ;) we take the evening to rest.
The next morning, on the busiest shopping day of the year...the highly competitive, brings out the animal in all of us but it's so worth it for the sales...Gasp!...Black Friday, we go and cut down our Christmas tree :D
That's the day we get hot cocoa and mini candy canes, and fight over who gets to choose the tree this year...I mean..enjoy each other as a family ;) 

Oh, and who can forget about our collar giveaway!!! Today is the last day to enter. We'll be pulling the name of the winner tomorrow so spread the word. Your friends and neighbors could have a chance to win a free collar of their choice!! Leave a comment below to get yourself entered an additional time!

Much good fortune to all :D