Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Toys and My Infernal Internal Clock

This week at Fastiges' Made With Love.....Wow, that sounds like the opening to a soap opera...Anyhow we now have a fantastic line of pet toys!! Now I haven't posted them all in the shop yet, but here are the first few :)

I made them for Christmas celebrating cats, and Hanukkah celebrating cats :D

Now I must tell you, my cousin was laughing at the many mousy poses, but as I explained to her....Who doesn't love action shots! Come on, you know they're entertaining. Maybe I'll even make some Gif'S next time and really make it (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, Gif's are those little moving pictures ;)

These, ever so shiny cat toys are the culmination of my organic catnip growing efforts. It's a lovely plant, but trying to keep my own cat away from it has been a bit of an adventure...She's very crafty..Insert evil snicker here :o

Needless to say, they come Florence (Our cat) approved.
 As a matter of fact she has given high recommendations...although she has been known to have a weakness for glittery things with bells ;)

The other listing is a candy cane squeaker toy for dogs. 

I added a sparkly heart and bright green bow as an accent. I'm all about the embellishments if you haven't noticed.Taking the extra time to add them makes everything just a little more special. At least that's my philosophy :) The squeaker is in its own matching pocket for extra durability :D

What's going on at home you ask? Well I'll tell you...daylight savings time...Agh! I normally get up at 5am,  so I was rather looking forward to the whole Fall back thing, you know? Extra hour of sleep and all that. My internal clock however has not gotten the memo. When I look at the clock in the morning the time says....GASP...4am! No lie...this is actually happening. I can only hope it will resolve itself, or I'll be considering drastic maybe quantities. Yes, if it comes down to it I would go that far! Darn you daylight savings! (shakes fist repeatedly and with great emphasis)

Up next some pretty in pink ;)

Wishing you all good health and fortune :D

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