Sunday, November 3, 2013

Woowoo!! Armed Forces Bed Update and Some Fun Little Extras

Finally....finished the Armed Forces Pet Bed....Yes, I am doing my happy dance ;) I thoroughly enjoyed creating this series. I am in awe of the sacrifices our military makes to insure we are able to have happy peaceful lives.
I'm so very pleased with the way it came out, and am offering it in U.S. Marines, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard as well :D

The time consuming part of initial designs, aside from deciding what the overall look and dimensions will be, is creating a pattern for each individual embellishment. Depending on how many sizes will be available, I 'll have to make one set of patterns for each size. But It's so worth the results ;)

In other news, I hope everyone had a happy, safe All Hallows Eve. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I upped the anti this year and added  pumpkin Crème brûlée and hot apple grog...I know...Yummy :D
I of course, I spiked mine...What can I say, It was a long day of cooking and party with the kids and By Gum I earned it! 
Don't judge me ;)

That's it for now...Up next...Well I'll give you a little hint...It involves squeakers and bells :D

Wishing you health and happiness 

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