Friday, December 6, 2013

Customization, The Holiday Rush and What Exactly Have You Been Up To Lately?

Lots of custom creations going on at Fastiges' Made With Love this year, and I am sooooo enjoying it!
 I'll give you a of them involves faux pink mink....and an abundance of cuteness ;) 

And while we're on the subject of pink. I just sent off this lovely little set to a baby Maltese in Cali.

Super cute right!

The holiday rush is definitely here! Everyone is trying to get their orders in before the Christmas Eve shipping cut off...including me! I don't have nearly enough of my shopping done and, well lets face it...times a tickin! 

This year we've donated several items to charity organizations for raffles and gift baskets. One of which is DFW Pug Rescue in Texas. I just wanted to give them a Shout Out! They do wonderful work and should be commended :D
Yes, I'm dating myself by still using the term "Shout Out". 
This will undoubtedly bring my children hours, if not days of joy ;)

On a final note...what have we been up to???...
Well, we went and cut our Christmas tree, and apparently we're up to about eleven and a half feet. 
I know what your thinking..... you're thinking I must have vaulted no...I do not. I do have one room in my house that has a ten foot ceiling, which is also my work area.

 Ok, I know I shouldn't have done it, but this is what it looked like!

Isn't that the Griswold Christmas tree?....well maybe.....but to me, that is exactly what I saw....Insert angels singing here...

The adventure will be fitting it in the damn house putting it up...and also, trying to work around it...I'll keep you posted :D

Wishing you and yours much health and happiness :D