Monday, February 10, 2014

Past, Present and Future

The Past :D
What an incredible holiday season!  I'm so thankful to have such fabulously loyal clients <3 It was a time of custom orders this year..... and I loved it! This is Akbar in her custom pink gingham bed. She has a little difficulty climbing into higher beds and required a low rise entrance. I was oh so happy to accommodate :D

Her family also purchased a custom pink mink pet bed for a Yorkie friend named Jane :D

I'm not gonna lie. I may have become a bit obsessed with this faux pink mink. But seriously, It's sooooo soft. How could I not ;)  More to come on this later in the post :D

Holy Raised Feeder Batman!

This Girly Batman inspired feeder was designed for Harley. Her Mommy says she's a Samoyed diva, but right now, she's a baby Samoyed diva!!! 

How cute is she!!!
And here's the best part for all of us Batman fans. Harley will be getting a brother. His name? 
Wait for it.....Wait for it....Quinn ;) 
Here is her two legged brother Matthew's first impression.

Also...How cute is he!!! Seriously....cuteness overload :D

The Present :D
Having a great time working on my spring and summer lines. Catching up on everything I wasn't able to do during the holiday rush, and scheduling this year's Fairs :D (Love me some fairs ;) I'll post them in advance so that you have time to add them to your schedule....wink wink ;)

The Future :D

Well I know for sure I'll be designing more beds and pet accessories with the pink mink as I Have a serious problem just can't keep myself away from it ;)  Something without the canopy to make it a bit more accessibly priced to all. Of course I'll still have to add lots of embellishments. It is all about the details. The extra little touches are what make things special. Every four legged family member deserves that <3 

What else, oh yes, I will be much more organized this year. Really! I've already begun the process. I've created a shared calendar for all of my family and business appointments.....and i'm actually using it! 

Contests....There will be contests!!! Four this year to be exact.... One for each season ;)  Although you wouldn't know it right now in New Jersey, Spring is coming soon.....Truly :D

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentines day

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