Friday, March 21, 2014

Minnie Pet Beds, Serious Finds, What's Ahead, and SPRING!!!!!

It has been so very busy here at Fastiges' Made With Love, but I was able to complete the new Minnie Mouse themed beds, and they are just adorable!!!


Next, on to some serious finds and I mean serious!!! 
One of my local fabric stores was going out of business. It was my favorite, so I was a bit melancholy, but Oh the sales!  And so what did I do? #sofabricobsessed #ocdfabricqueen #imayhaveaproblem 

This....I did this...

 I had to buy them by the bolt...but the deals!!! The vertical one on the left there is an obscene amount faux pink leather and I was Not leaving without it!

Whats Ahead
As you'd expect, lots of work with these new and wonderful finds :D Super cute and tough toys are also on the horizon, and....belly bands. For our little boy companions that may have the occasional accident...It happens, we need to face it, so why not make it fashionable ;)

And Finally

Shout Out!!!!
We donated one of our Bee mine collars to the Thorn Middle School Gift Auction
Best of luck! Raise loads of money for those much needed school programs :D