Sunday, March 29, 2015

Still Kicking, So Much New Wonderfulness, and Fairs Will Be Happening This Season!

Where have I been?..... Well. we are a very large, very close family. This has been a trying year for us to say the least, and that is where my focus has been. We are not through the woods as of yet, but we are making progress enough to see little rays of light shinning through. That's good enough for me <3 In other words...I'm still kicking :D

Oh, but since designing keeps me sane, I have added some new wonderfulness:D
Here are some lovely new collars.
Sparkling Pink Petite Alouette Pet Collar

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Pretty As A Peacock Sequin Collar
                         Juey Antoinette Pet Collar of Undeniable Opulence

I've also expanded our sports themed pet bed line with this gorgeous baseball mitt tribute bed.

This bed was created for an adorable little Yankees Fan named Jeter. I'm incredibly thankful to have such wonderful clients.

Seriously.....How cute is he!?!

On a final note....Fairs will definitely be happening this year! 

As of yet, the first we'll be attending is The Rutgers Renaissance Fair on April 18th 2015. It's From 10am to 4pm at Skelly Field on the Douglass Campus in New Brunswick, NJ. 

Come on out and see us if your feeling Renaissancey. It should be a wonderful time for family fun.